Over the years, we have designed, developed and built our own line of submersible pumps to meet the stringent capacity and quality needs of our operations.

Hydraulic system

Design: Rotary Lobe Pump AL50
Flow rate: 27m3 /hr maximum
Discharge pressure: 8 bar maximum
Kinematic viscosity: 1.0 mm2/s at 20 ̊C
Casing material: Stainless steel
Lobe type: Stainless steel, Dual-lobe, linear profile
Hydraulic motor: Built on orbital, Brevini BR080
Hydraulic pressure: 175 bar maximum
Hydraulic oil flow: 60 l/min maximum
Power consumption: 13 kW maximum
Hydraulic pressure connection: ¾” quick coupling
Hydraulic return connection: ¾” quick coupling
Discharge / inlet connection: 4 inch – 100 mm
Weight excluding hoses: 65 kg