Pro Liquid – PBP 40

Over the years, we have designed, developed and built our own line of submersible pumps to meet the stringent capacity and quality needs of our operations.

Hydraulic system

Design: Rotary Lobe Pump AL75
Flow rate: 40m3 /hr maximum
Discharge pressure: 8 bar maximum
Kinematic viscosity: 1.0 mm2/s at 20 ̊C
Casing material: Cast iron
Lobe type: Aluminium, Dual-lobe, linear profile
Hydraulic motor: Built on orbital, Brevini BR080
Hydraulic pressure: 175 bar maximum
Hydraulic oil flow: 60 l/min maximum
Power consumption: 13 kW maximum
Hydraulic pressure connection: ¾” quick coupling
Hydraulic return connection: ¾” quick coupling
Discharge / inlet connection: 4 inch – 100 mm
Weight excluding hoses: 70 kg