Pro Liquid Portable Thermal Oil Heater

Our Portable Thermal Oil Heaters are the ideal solution for certain cargo, for example MDI/TDI, that should never come into contact with water and must remain at a certain temperature at all times. By making use of these heaters, vessels equipped with steam or hot water heating systems can now carry this kind of cargo by making use of an intermediary heat exchanger, which uses thermal oil as heating medium instead.

Skid-built for easy handling during transportation and operations, Pro Liquid Portable Thermal Oil Heaters ensure your cargo is always protected and heated correctly.

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Pro Liquid Submersible Heating Coil & Heat Exchanger

A drop in temperature and the inability to raise temperature can be difficult to solve. There are many variables to consider and while an exact outcome cannot be predicted, doing nothing will always have a predictable outcome.

Our heating coils and heat exchangers are an excellent way to solve these problems by passing steam, thermal oil or heated water through them.

We can also provide:

  • Portable steam boilers
  • Accessories (hoses, manifolds, tripods, etc.)