Heat Exchanger

A drop in temperature and the inability to raise temperature can be difficult to solve. There are many variables to consider and while an exact outcome cannot be predicted, doing nothing will always have a predictable outcome. Our heating coils and heat exchangers are an excellent way to solve these problems by passing steam, thermal oil or heated water through them.

Pro Liquid Heat Exchanger

Type PHE-1200
Design One-stage U-tube heat exchanger
Heating capacity 1,185 kW
Steam consumption 11,000 kg/hr @ 130° Celsius
Design pressure shell side Max. 8.5 bar
Design pressure tube side Max. 8.5 bar
Design temp. tube side 170° Celsius
Design temp. shell side 110° Celsius
Dimensions L 2,156 x W 455 x 670 mm
Weight 430 kg
Cargo side connections (C & D) 2 x DN125 PN16
Steam side connections (A & B) 2 x DN65 PN16
Heat exchanger shell Stainless steel
Heat exchanger tubes and plates Stainless steel