Pneumatic Fenders with Proseidon

Pro Liquid Pneumatic Fenders

Pro Liquid’s fenders are ISO 17357-1:2014 and PIANC compliant and larger sized fenders also come fitted with a safety valve as an added precaution to prevent accidents in the event of over compression. Our fenders are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions and they come with chain-tyre net protection to prevent the risk of damage to people and property. Alternatively, we also have ribbed-type pneumatic fenders to cater to your preference.

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Pro Liquid Hoses & Manifold Reducers

Pro Liquid’s hoses are manufactured to the highest industry standards and are regularly maintained and tested to ensure operational readiness. We have a wide range of rubber, composite and cryogenic hoses for petrochemical and marine applications including liquid transfer of petroleum, biofuels, aggressive chemicals, hydrocarbon products, LNG and LPG.

At Pro Liquid, we understand vessels come in all shapes and sizes, including their manifolds. This is why we have a comprehensive selection of flanged concentric manifold reducers for hire or sale to suit your every need. Pro Liquid’s reducers can also be customized using different materials, testing pressures, flange types, coatings and industry standards.

Hoses & Manifold Reducers

Pro Liquid Pneumatic Fenders

Pro Liquid Manifold Reducers

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