Marine Fire Fighting Unit

Pro Liquid FiFi-750

Easy to use and quick to set up, the FiFi-750 is engineered for immediate activation. Designed to use without any other equipment or power supply, coupled with a capacity of 750m3/hr @ 12 bar and a throw length of 130m, they deliver the power needed to extinguish marine fires safely and quickly. Fed by a direct-driven cooling water pump, the unit ensure a constant water supply that is never depleted for maximum protection, even after the fire is extinguished.

Pro Liquid FiFi-1200

Safe, reliable and mobile, the FiFi-1200 is designed to provide maximum fire protection at sea. It is completely self-contained with reduced weight and dimensions for easy handling and can be deployed onshore or offshore from a barge or vessel.

These containerized units have a capacity of 1200m3/hr @ 11 bar and definitely one of the most reliable fire-fighting system for marine and offshore operations with optimum water distribution up to 130m in length and 70m in height.

Fire Fighting Unit Ship Vessel


Diesel engine

Make / Type Volvo Penta /D9-575
Rating 423 kW. (575hp) at 2500 rpm, according ISO 8665
Start system Electric, 24 volt
Fuel system Basement integrated tank of 525 ltr
Cooling system Sea-water cooled heat exchanger is mounted on the engine and is fed by the centrifugal pump through a 10mm orifice
Exhaust system Sea-water cooled and is fed by the centrifugal pump through a 10mm orifice
Safety system Auto shut down – Low lubrication oil pressure – High engine temperature – Low hydraulic oil level for the booster pump


Make/type Pioneer SC108C18 pump
Capacity/pressure 750 m3/hr @ 12 bar
Speed 1940 rpm
Hand line connections 1 x 5”, 5 x 2.5”, 3 X 1.5”
NPSH at 2000 rpm 4 m max
Power consumption 287 kW
Efficiency 79.8%
Material casing Stainless steel CA6NM
Shaft Stainless steel 17-4-HP
Shaft sealing Mechanical seal
Discharge flange DN 200/PN 16 acc. to DIN 2633
Suction flange DN 200/PN 16 acc. to DIN 2633


Make/type Ajax HR 377
Inlet pressure: 120 m
Throw length 130 m for water, 100 m for foam
Throw height 70 m
Weight 92 kg
Working pressure 16 bar max
Reaction thrust 1000 kg max
Control: Manual
Inlet flange DN 150/PN16 acc. to DIN 2633
Outlet flange DN 150/PN16 acc. to DIN 2633
Swivelling range Horizontal, rotating infinite Vertical, 120° total
Material body/nozzle SS 316
Bore Water nozzle, 68 mm Foam nozzle, 120 mm

Foam induction system

Type PV600
Mixing ratio 0.4 – 6%
Hose manifold 6 off 2 ½” connection
Dimensions L 2400 X W 1150 X H 1900 mm
Weight (dry) 2500 kg


Diesel engine

Make / Type Volvo D16C-C MH
Capacity 1200 m3/hr @ 11 bar
Engine VOLVO D16C-C MH
Fuel Capacity 600 litres
Pump FFS SFP 250 X 350 HD
Power 400-440 VAC 3PH 50/60 Hz


1 off fire-fighting pump type FFS SFP 250×350 HD
Type Horizontal centrifugal
Capacity 1200 m3 /hr s.w. at approx. 100 mlc and 1500 rpm
NPSHr 5.2 m
NPSHa Unknown
Shaft power: Approx. 415 kW
Execution: End suction, top outlet running
Shaft seal Soft gland packing
Materials: Impeller Duplex stainless steel
Casing Nod. cast iron
Shaft Duplex SS
Max suction lift Approx. 3 m

Water/foam monitor

1 off electric operated monitor FiFi Long Barrel with fog/jet detector
Monitor control Joystick with 40 m cable
Foam induction 0 –6%
Data sheet FiFi 1200LB
Connection DN200 DIN PN16
Rotation ±180 degrees
Hand line connections 2 x 5”, 6 x 2.5”, 3 X 1.5”
Elevation -20 to +80 degrees
Materials Stainless steel/bronze/composites
Standpipe Included in container design
Monitor inlet pressure 10 bar
Capacity 1200 m3/hr
Power supply 400-440V 3AC 50/60Hz
Reaction force 16,600 N
Weight Approx. 190 kg
Throw length 122 m
Throw height 70 m

FiFi control system – main cabinet and wiring

1 off integrated control system, for one monitor, diesel engine is monitored and controlled from dedicated Volvo Penta MCU control panel for start/stop/speed control and alarm locally in container
Control system cabinet:
Mixing ratio 0.4 – 6%
Type: FiFi 1200 container (Standard 10ft container)
Drawing 12-187 C1/C2/C3 / or equivalent
Power supply 400-440 VAC 50/60 Hz 3 Phase
Material Painted steel
Speed control 3 steps of IDLE, MID and HIGH/DUTY POINT
Emergency stop Button on engine and external wall recess-mounted button
Dimensions L 3400 X W 2440 X H 4080 mm
Weight (dry) 6500 kg