Hydraulic – Hydraulic Mini Powerpack

Characteristics of all our Hydraulic Powerpacks:

  • All components enclosed within a protection/ lifting frame.
  • The protection/lifting frame is made from high tensile, sea water resistant aluminum and is coated with a two component paint system.
  • A dashboard is incorporated in the protection/ lifting frame to check and control the: engine running hours, engine / motor speed & temperature, lubricating oil pressure, hydraulic oil pressure & temperature.

Hydraulic system

Pump type Axial plunger with fixed settings
System Open
Flow 65 litres/min maximum
Pressure 250 bar maximum
Oil type ASTM32 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved
Oil tank capacity 40 litres large, complete with filler/ breather cap, drain and gauge glass
Connections High and low pressure valve Snap-On couplings for connection of extension hoses (not interchangeable)
Indicators / safety features Pressure and flow Eliminates risk on contamination
Dimensions L 700 x W 560 x H 850 mm
Weight (dry) 105 kg