Inert Gas Generator

Pro Liquid Inert Gas Generator

Built in accordance with IMO regulations and the rules of the applicable classification society, Pro Liquid Inert Gas Generators are designed for both offshore and onshore operations during the shortage of inert gas supply.

Designed to be portable and compact, they fit in any space and can be airfreighted to any location in the world.

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Pro Liquid Nitrogen Generator

More often than not, with the existing fixed unit onboard vessels being out of order, our Pro Liquid portable Nitrogen Generator gets called into action in order to ensure cargo quality and most importantly, safety.

Likewise, with our Inert Gas Generators, these Lloyd’s certified compact units are readily transportable to any part of the world at short notice.

Nitrogen Generator

IGG 2000 Inert Gas Generator

IGG 2000

Make / Type Smit Gas™ Portinert Gln 2000 – 0.15 FU (Mob)
Capacity 2000 m3/hr
Discharge pressure max. 0.15 bar (g)
Design pressure Max. 8 bar
Oxygen O2 2-4 vol %
Carbon monoxide CO 0.15 vol % max
Carbon dioxides CO2 14.0 vol. % max
Sulphur oxides SOx 50 ppm max
Nitrogen N2 Balance
Soot 0 (on scale Bacharach)- Bacharach 0 = complete absence; – At lower O2-content, CO-content will increase.
Temperature About 10 °C above cooling water inlet temperature
Dewpoint Saturated (at gas temperature)
Fuel type Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) according to: ISO 8217 2010 grade DMA, DMB or DMZ
Fuel inlet pressure 0 – 0.4 bar(g)
Fuel consumption 162 kg/hr
Main supply system (system has been designed for two different supply systems) 1) 380V / 3Ph / 50Hz and 2) 440V / 3Ph / 60Hz
The diesel driven generator set supplies
Voltage 440V / 3Ph / 60Hz
Power 165 kVA (132kW
Combustion air fan motor Rating at 440V and Rating at 380V
Consumption at 380V & 440V 30.1 kW
FOP motor
Rating 0.9 kW
Consumption 0.6 kWh/hr
Rating 3.0 kW
Consumption 3 kWh/hr
Seawater consumption
Generator 145 m3/hr
Quality Filtered seawater (mesh size 4 mm)
Inlet pressure 2 – 4 bar
Outlet pressure Atmospheric
Inlet temperature Max. 32 °C
Temperature increase About 10 °C average
Temperature Between 0 and 50 °C
Consumption for combustion About 2147 Nm3/hr
Pressure Atmospheric
Humidity Max. 95%
Noise produced by centrifugal fan Max. about 100 dB (A) *Measured at 1m distance (in free field)
Dimensions L 3100 x W 1430 x H 1900 mm
Weight (dry) 2750 kg

N2G-500 Nitrogen Generator


Capacity –One Unit 500 m3/hr @ 8 bar
Capacity –Two Units 1000 m3/hr @ 8 bar
Oxygen 1 to 5%
Nitrogen + Argon 95% to 99%
Dew Point – 60° C / – 76° F
Electric supply 440V / 3 Phase / 60 Hz and 400V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz
1 unit of air dryer and compressor 23 m3/min
2 units of air dryer and compressor 45 m3/min
Dimensions L 1584 x W 964 x H 2565 mm
Weight (dry) 1133 kg