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To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that we can inform you that as of today MariFlex Asia has expanded its presence globally and furthermore changed its company name to Pro Liquid, your Proactive and Professional worldwide partner in liquid cargo handling. Recent changes within the MariFlex Group caused the necessity for MariFlex Asia to continue their business under a different and stronger brand, giving us the ability to be of better of service to our good clients by providing global coverage.

Of course your usual person of contact will remain the same, however for your ready reference please note below contact details:

Asia & Australia;

Pro Liquid Pte Ltd
29 Tuas Avenue 4
Singapore 639379
+65 6637 8148 (24/7)
Contact person: Justin Reinders

Europe, Africa & Americas;

Pro Liquid B.V.
Christiaan Huygensweg 7c
3225 LD Hellevoetsluis
The Netherlands
+31 181 760160 (24/7)
Contact person: Gerd Jan van de Pol

Pro Liquid Professionals in Liquid Cargo Handling

We will ensure a smooth transition, just as you’re used to when we provide you with our services, only we do need your kind assistance with updating your systems. In the unfortunate event the before mentioned smooth transition might not be the case please do let us know immediately.

We are truly grateful for your trust in our company in the past years and we are looking forward to many years to follow.

Hope to have informed you sufficiently herewith, should you have any queries or be in the need of any official name change letter please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

Yours Sincerely,

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