Pro Liquid development, manufacturing, sales, rental and repair of off-loading equipment/systems.
As a specialist in service and repairs, Pro Liquid has a very comprehensive selection of pumps, powerpacks and other equipment available for sale or rent, specially designed and purpose-built for the transshipment of liquid cargoes.
Pro Liquid can offer you equipment ranging from complete standard portable pumping installations to custom made turn-key marine equipment.
Upon request, Pro Liquid designs and builds special pumps, powerpacks and other equipment, according to internationally recognised standards and guidelines.

  • Design: Eccentric single screw positive displacement
  • 316 L casing and rotor
  • Foodgrade, NBR or PTFE stator
  • 148 mm dia. (fitsthrough 6”pipe)
  • Max. viscosity up to 20.000 cPoise
  • High viscous capacity (up to 15 m3 / hr. / 66 gpm)
  • Adjustable bearing sealing arrangement
  • Easy parts and maintenance


Design Eccentric single screw positive displacement. (MONO pump)
Capacity / head 15 m3/hr – 7 bar max
Viscosity / Specific gravity 1000 Cst at 20 degrees / 1.55
Speed 400 rpm max
Required power 180 kW
Materials casing Stainless steel
Material worm (rotor) Special steel
Material stator NBR
Material hydr. motor Cast steel
Hydr. motor Gear wheel type
Hydr. workingpressure 200bar
Hydr. pressure max. 250 bar.
Hydr. oil flow max 40 ltr/min
Hydr. press. connection Valved snap-on coupling
Hydr. return connection Valved snap-on coupling
Discharge connection 2” quick coupling male
Max. outer diameter 148 mm fits through 6” pipe
Height 1050 mm
Weight (excl. hoses) 30 kgs