On-Site Filtration Services – Pro Liquid & MarTest Cambrian Group.

For this service we collaborate with our reliable partner MarTest Cambrian Group, this company is a family owned, global operating service provider, headquartered in Rotterdam Europoort The Netherlands with subsidiaries based in Germany and Houston USA.

MarTest is specialized in on-site filtration treatment; meaning our team performs on-site filtration activities on board of tanker vessels, barges, storage terminals and production plants.

MarTest Certified Filtration Equipment.

With mobile, unique and certified filtration equipment we provide a fast, secure and cost-effective solution to rectify and improve off-spec products! Since the founding of our company, we’ve successfully treated over 6 million metric tons off-spec cargoes and served nearly all major producers, traders, storage terminals, agencies, insurance companies and cargo underwriters.

Our company specializes in mechanical filtration using unique and mobile particle filtration systems and chemical filtration (such as water content removal and color removal) using stainless steel adsorber units.

More information regarding our in-house lab filtration trials and a selection of products and contaminants we have removed to be found here: https://martestcambrian.com/services

For more substantive information go to: www.martestcambrian.com

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