De-bunkering & Salvage operations in cold climate conditions with Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) reaching ultra-high viscosities, present the ultimate challenge for all existing fuel oil transfer methods.

Where accessibility is difficult and conditions are extreme Pro Liquid is frequently contracted to provide a solution for the transfer challenges faced.

Continuous R & D within the Pro Liquid Group led to various pumping solutions with amongst others Pro Liquid P.U.M.P.S.® (Portable Ultra-viscous Marine-fuel Pumping System).

This system incorporates an improved modular version of the proven water injection transfer method coupled to the existing Pro Liquid F.O.T. (Fuel Oil Transfer) system.


Water input fraction of <4%
Pressure build up drops from 12 bar to 1.4 bar, pressure drop reduction of >95%!
1.0 Cst. at 20 degr. / 1.0
Test results show flow rate improvement up to >35 m3 an hour with HFO-380 @ 20 °C (4000 cSt)
Viscosities up to 50,000 cSt
Pipe lengths up to 1 kilometer
Customized solutions