DHP 200 B zone II

Pro Liquid Hydraulic Powerpacks are self-contained, extremely compact, light weight and built according to internationally recognized standards Pro Liquid builds these units to customer specifications.

Characteristics of all our Hydraulic Powerpacks:

  •  All components enclosed within a protection/
    lifting frame.
  • The protection/lifting frame is made from
    high tensile, sea water resistant aluminum and
    is coated with a two component paint system.
  • A dashboard is incorporated in the protection/
    lifting frame to check and control the: speed and Fuel level indicator, Exhaust temp. indicator, Engine water temp. indicator, Hydraulic oil temp. indicator, Hydraulic level indicator, Hydraulic pressure indicator.

Diesel engine

Maker / Type Deutz BF6m1013, turbocharged, water cooled
Category Ex II3GIIAT3
Zone 2
Gas group IIB
Temperature class T3
Rating IIB
Start System Pre-engaged spring starter
Air Inlet Dry filter with dust cyclone, visual dirt indicator water separator and emergency stop valve
Classification ATEX/Lloyds
Exhaust System Discom silencer/spark arrestor (ATEX approved)
Fuel System Double filter, including water separator
Fuel Type Automotive diesel
Fuel Consumption 38 ltr/hr
Fuel Tank 450 litres large basement tank, including filler/breather cap, drain and gauge glass
Indicators / Safety Features Engine temperature and oil level low light – Automatic over speed air intake shutdown valve – Automatic mechanical over speed shutdown valve – Automatic exhaust temperature shutdown – Automatic oil temperature shutdown – Exhaust flame trap and engine breather flame trap – AMOT control system

Hydraulic System

Pump Type Axial plunger with variable settings
System Open
Flow 200 litre/min maximum
Pressure 320 bar maximum
Filter System Full flow 10 micron, including magnet element and visual dirt indicator
Oil Type ISO 46
Oil Tank Capacity 300 litres large, complete with filler/breather cap, drain and gauge glass
Cooling Air cooled, thermostat controlled and intergraded with diesel engine
Connections High and low pressure valve Snap-On couplings for connection of extension hoses(not interchangeable)
Dimensions L 2300 x W 1400 x H 1960 mm
Weight (dry) 2250 kg