The Lloyds certifed Pro Liquid Inert Gas Generator is designed/built in accordance with the regulations of IMO and is meant for shipboard use and outdoor operation.

The Inert Gas capacity and composition is calculated at 100% atmospheric relative humidity with a combustion air and cooling water temperature of +25°C.

Pressures mentioned are effective working pressures with ±5% tolerance. Temperature tolerance ±1°C. Quantities tolerance ±3%.

The combustion chamber cooling water jacket is designed for a maximum overpressure of 1bar

Diesel engine

Make/Type Smit Gas Systems
Capacity 2000 m3/h @ 0.15 bar
Gas composition (Based on dry gas) – Oxygen O² 2-4 vol %
Carbon monoxide CO max 500 ppm
Carbon dioxides CO² max 14,0 vol %
Sulphur oxides SOx max 500 ppm
Soot 0 on scale Bacharach (Bacharach 0 = complete absence)
N.B. at lower O² content
CO content will increase.
Temperature Aprox. 10°C above cooling water inlet temperature.
Dewpoint Satured (at gas temperature)
Fuel Clean automotive diesel
Consumption Approx.162 kg/h
Electricity Main supply system (System has be disigned for two different supply systems)
380V/3Ph/50Hz and
Combustion air fan motor Rating 35 kW
Consumption 30 kW @ 50Hz (pulley SPA-100-4)
34.5 kW @ 60Hz (pulley SPA-118-4)
F.O.P motor Rating 0.9 kW
Consumption 0.6 kW
Auxiliaries Rating 3 kW
Consumption 3 kW
Cooling water Consumption 120 m3/h @ 25 mwc of filtered water mesh 4 mm at max. 32°C
Dimensions (l x w x h in cm.) 310 cm x 143 cm x 195 cm
Weight dry Approx. 2600 kg.