The Pro Liquid MSP-150, a compact high capacity hydraulic driven centrifugal screw pump. Slow liquids speeds and low shear forces in the cargo are a direct consequence of the shape of the impeller, this makes the pump suitable for liquids which have to be handled carefully and without excessive motion and turbulence. This special quality of the pump makes it perfect for oil recovery operations.

For very viscous products like Molasses and heavy fuel oil more powerful hydraulic motors are available.


Suitable for operation in hazardous areas. Low Emulsifying properties due to low velocities and low shear forces. Non clogging characteristic. No overload risk when pump is blocked.


Shipping – Industry – Oil recovery – Tank cleaning – Salvage – Sewage pumping.


Design Single stage centrifugal.
Capacity / head 500 m3/hr – 25 mwc max.
Viscosity / specific gravity 1.0 Cst. at 20 degr. / 1.0.
Speed 3380 rpm maximum.
Materials casing Seawater resistant aluminium.
Materials Impeller Nodular cast iron
Hydraulic motor Built on, axial plunger
Hydraulic pressure 320 bar maximum.
Hydraulic oil flow 160 l/min. maximum
Discharge connection 6 inch – 150 mm with adaptor to 6 inch quick coupling.
Max. outer diameter 490 mm
Height 610 mm
Weight excluding hoses 83 Kgs