Pro Liquid development, manufacturing, sales, rental and repair of off-loading equipment/systems.

As a specialist in service and repairs, Pro Liquid has a very comprehensive selection of pumps, powerpacks and other equipment available for sale or rent, specially designed and purpose-built for the transshipment of liquid cargoes.

Pro Liquid can offer you equipment ranging from complete standard portable pumping installations to custom made turn-key marine equipment.

Upon request, Pro Liquid designs and builds special pumps, powerpacks and other equipment, according to internationally recognised standards and guidelines.

  • Design: single stage centrifugal
  • Composite impeller
  • 316 L or seawater resistant Aluminum casing
  • 298 mm diameter (standard Butterworth hole size)
  • Light weight
  • High capacity (up to 330 m3 / hr / 1455 Gpm.)
  • Simple 4 component design
  • Easy parts and maintenance
  • Foodstuff, Molasses, fueloil, salvage, etc

Also available:

  • Ultralight model 19 kg
  • Stainless steel model


Design Single stage centrifugal
Capacity / head 300 m3/hr – 35 mwc. Max
Viscosity / Specific gravity 1.0 Cst. at 20 degr. / 1.0
Power consumption 64 Kw maximum
Material casing Seawater resistant Aluminum
Material impeller Composite
Hydraulic motor Built in, axial plunger. Hydromatik A2FM-32.
Materials hydraulic motor casing Cast Iron GG40
Hydraulic pressure 320 bar maximum
Hydraulic oil flow 120 l/min. maximum.
Discharge connection 4 inch – 100 mm
Max. outer diameter 298 mm., fits through 12,5 inch standard Butterworth hatch
Height 490 mm
Weight excluding hoses 27 Kg