Transferring cargo from ship-to-ship is a delicate process that requires a combination of high-quality equipment and expert supervision.

At Pro Liquid, we have both. Our seamless, efficient and environment-friendly ship-to-ship (STS) transfer services protect both your cargo and your reputation, thanks to the skilful handling and supervision of our world-class equipment.

Ship to Ship Transfer Services STS

At your service, 24/7

Our expertise is evidenced by a strong track record of successful STS transfer operations worldwide. We will work closely with you to review your operational requirements, aligning our processes to your needs, to offer you a complete STS transfer solution offshore or in-port.

Furthermore, with our in-house Mooring Masters (POACs) and their comprehensive global experience of both commercial as well as emergency STS transfer operations, we ensure that all our operations are conducted in line with all applicable industry standards.