Over the years, we have designed, developed and built our own line of submersible pumps to meet the stringent capacity and quality needs of our operations.

Hydraulic system

Design: Single-stage screw-centrifugal pump
Capacity: 550 m /hr maximum
Head: : 80 MWC maximum
Kinematic viscosity: 1.0 mm /s at 20 ̊ C
Speed: 3380 rpm maximum
Casing material: Seawater resistant aluminium
Impeller material: Nodular cast iron
Hydraulic motor casing material: Cast Iron GG40
Hydraulic motor: Built-on axial piston, Bosch Rexroth A2FM-63
Hydraulic pressure: 320 bar maximum
Hydraulic oil flow: 160 l/min maximum
Power consumption: 85 kW
Hydraulic pressure connection: 1” quick coupling
Hydraulic return connection: 1 1⁄2” quick coupling
Discharge connection: 6’’- 150 mm
Maximum outer diameter: 490 mm
Height: 610 mm
Weight excluding hoses: 85 kg